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Our Company

KräftigLED Australia is a LED Lighting Supply Specialist that works to support all the stakeholders in the market. Our purpose is to assist clients, designers, and contractors to provide quality lighting installation to the client’s requirements while considering the energy efficiency of the overall built environment.

KräftigLED started manufacturing Lighting in 2009. KräftigLED have lights in a number of cleanrooms where they are on since early 2011.  This is in excess of 80,000 hours and we have had NO failures to date. KräftigLED are experts in controlling the running temperature of our LED fixtures which results in such long lifetimes. Knowing how to control running temperature is key to the design of LED lighting.

KräftigLED are committed to empowering project stakeholders to make informed, practical, responsible and sustainable decisions for their building project requirements. Our team has multi services engineering experience in the design and construction of small, medium and large-scale projects across all sectors in Australia, UK, Ireland and Europe. We bring the experience to every project for the benefit of all stakeholders.

KräftigLED is a client focused energy firm

Established to provide energy efficient LED Lighting solutions for a number of sectors including:

Our History

KräftigLED Australia has been providing lighting into the Australian market since 2017 and has completed a number of successful projects.

KräftigLED is LED Lighting manufacturing company which has been in operation of manufacturing lights since 2009 with manufacturing bases in Ireland and China. KräftigLED produce some of the world’s most efficient and longest lasting LED lights. Our owners and managers have a combined 40 + years experience producing ultra-high efficiency lighting. 

KräftigLED have specialised in the bespoke LED design and manufacturing company for the Pharmaceutical industry Worldwide.

Trusted Clients of KräftigLED


Our Vision


Transform Design

KraftigLED Australia aims to transform the design, manufacture and operation of the global LED lighting market through quality and our innovative approach to buildings and their impact on the earth.


Bleeding Edge

We bring the best minds from across industries to market leading LED Lighting products for buildings, industrial applications and infrastructure.


Market Leaders

Our vision is to deliver a market leading product solution for built form lighting applications that will transform the lives of millions.

Join Us

KräftigLED is known for market leading technological innovations that strives to improve billions of lives. We take it personally when we bring a new member into the KräftigLED family and encourage growth and innovations through our team. Be a part of our journey and to help us continue to make a difference in people’s lives.

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